Review and test of the electric standing desk : Flexispot EW8

Flexispot EW8

The Flexispot EW8 is a height-adjustable electric desk designed to enable users to move easily between sitting and standing while working.

Bureau électrique assis-debout Flexispot EW8

FLEXISPOT Comhar EW8M Electric Standing Desk, 120×60 cm

Features of the Flexispot EW8

Size (length/width)120x60 cm
Height (min-max)72 - 121 cm
Weight30 kg
Capacity70 kg
Noise level (dB)Less than 50 dB
Climbing speed25 mm/sec

Flexispot EW8 features

Elevation systemMotorised
Frame2 feet with 4 pads
Programmable controllersWith
Cable routingWithout
Port2 USB, 1 USB-C
Child safetyWith
WarrantyFrame : 5 years
Engine and electronic components : 3 years

Video presentation : Flexispot EW8 electric standing desk

The Flexispot EW8 electric sit-stand desk falls into this category of objects that will change your habits and that you won’t be able to do without.

Indispensable for people who suffer from back pain because of their position at work, this desk will keep you fit and increase your productivity.

The overall quality of the EW8 electric standing desk is astonishing. The materials used inspire complete confidence and at first glance you can see that this desk will become an ideal work companion. The overall look of the desk is rather sober and minimalist. When you’re using this desk in a low position, you’ll appreciate the presence of the support bar, so you can rest your legs as you please.

Bureau électrique assis-debout Flexispot EW8

FLEXISPOT Comhar EW8M Electric Standing Desk, 120×60 cm

Video installation : Flexispot EW8 electric sit/stand desk

Flexispot places great emphasis on ease of assembly, making their products particularly accessible to the general public.

The desk structure is easy to assemble. All you have to do is screw the two columns to the top using eight screws, and then screw a further eight screws to secure the legs to the two columns.

Once this stage is complete, all you need to do is make the necessary connections. If you’re concerned about visible cables and enjoy the satisfaction of tidy cable management, this adjustable desk is perfectly suited to your needs!

The console is attached directly to the right-hand side of the desk, as it contains an advanced system with USB and USB-C ports. You’ll also have the option of engaging a child lock. The controller is capable of storing up to four possible heights, and will display an LED indicator to let you know the height of the electric desk.

Advantages and disadvantages : Flexispot EW8

Pour bien choisir son bureau électrique, il est intéressant de ce pencher sur les différentes fonctionnalités, dont les avantages et inconvénients. Veuillez donc trouver ci-dessous les avantages et inconvénients du bureau électriques assis-debout Flexispot EW8.

✅ Advantages :

  • Programmable controller : the Flexispot EW8 electric sit-stand desk lets you program up to four height positions.
  • Additional features : the controller contains 2 USB ports, 1 USB-C port, a LED display that indicates the height of the desk and a child safety lock.
  • Quality and aesthetics : the Flexispot EW8 desk has a top and frame in different colours to give your workspace a sober, modern look.
  • Work space : the Flexispot EW8 is only available in 120×60. This is a medium size, so you can set up your sit-stand desk in a small space.

❌ Disadvantages :

  • Cost : the Flexispot EW8 desk costs very little. This can be relatively expensive for a desk, but can be a good investment if you want to look after your health in the long term or if you want to be more productive.
  • Need for a power supply : before you buy an electric desk, make sure you have a power socket near to where the sit-stand desk will be installed.

Review on the Flexispot EW8 electric standing desk

In conclusion, the Flexispot EW8 electric sit-stand desk stands out as a complete and attractive choice. With its programmable controller offering 4 height positions, the presence of USB ports and a USB-C port, as well as a child safety function, this desk combines practicality and functionality.

The aesthetics of the desk reflect its sober, minimalist design, giving it a modern, elegant look. Its uncluttered appearance blends easily into different working environments.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Flexispot EW8 offers optimum comfort. By making it easy to move from a sitting to a standing position, it promotes good health by reducing sedentary lifestyles. This desk allows you to take care of your posture and your health while remaining productive.

In short, the Flexispot EW8 electric sit/stand desk is a versatile choice that combines modern design, practical features and a focus on comfort to create a healthy, productive working environment.

Bureau électrique assis-debout Flexispot EW8

FLEXISPOT Comhar EW8M Electric Standing Desk, 120×60 cm

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