How to choose an electric standing desk ?

With changing working patterns and a growing awareness of the harmful effects of prolonged sitting, electric sit-stand desks are gaining in popularity. They offer the flexibility to move easily from a seated to a standing position, promoting better physical and mental health at work.

However, choosing the ideal electric sit-stand desk from among the many options can be complex. This article will guide you through the process. We’ll look at key features such as stability, adjustable height, control options, workspace and build quality. We’ll also look at key considerations such as ergonomics, aesthetics, budget and accessories.

Whether you work from home or in a professional environment, choosing the right electric sit-stand desk can transform your working experience, improve productivity and reduce sitting-related pain. Ready to find out how to make the right choice for your needs and preferences? Read on to enjoy the benefits of this innovative furniture.

The right desk for you : Choosing the right desk for you

When choosing the ideal electric desk, it’s important to take your body shape into account to ensure optimum comfort and healthy posture. Sit-stand electric desks are available in a range of sizes to suit users of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re short, opt for a height-adjustable electric desk that can be adjusted to a low position so you can easily reach the keyboard and mouse without stretching your arms. A model with a wider height adjustment range, such as 60 cm to 120 cm, would be ideal.

For taller people, an electric desk with a higher maximum height, such as 70 cm to 130 cm, provides enough space to accommodate your stature and allows you to work comfortably standing up without bending over.

It’s also important to consider the depth of the desk in relation to your body shape. If you need more space to spread out your arms or use additional accessories, opt for a model with a greater depth, for example 80 cm or 90 cm.

By considering your body type, in particular your height and your specific needs, you can choose an electric desk that offers you a personalised ergonomic fit. Make sure that the desk you choose allows you to maintain a comfortable posture, reducing the risk of muscle tension and fatigue during working hours.

Neither too big nor too small : choose a desk to suit the size of your room

Choosing the right size of electric desk is crucial to ensuring optimum comfort and ergonomics for your body and workspace. Sit-stand electric desks are available in a range of sizes to meet the varied needs of users.

If you have limited space, opt for a compact electric desk, such as a 100 cm wide model, which offers enough room for a computer screen and other essential accessories while making optimum use of space.

For those who need a larger work surface, a 120 cm or 140 cm wide electric desk can offer more space to spread out documents, use multiple screens or incorporate additional accessories such as a desk lamp or pen holder.

Larger electric desks, such as those measuring 160 cm or more, are suitable for professionals who need a large work surface to perform multiple tasks, such as designers, architects or engineers.

In short, by choosing an electric desk that’s the right size for you, you can make the most of the space available while meeting your specific working needs. Consider the dimensions of the desk in relation to your space and the activities you carry out on a daily basis to find the ideal electric desk that will accompany you efficiently throughout your working day.

The right choice : choose an electric sit-stand desk suited to your activity

When it comes to choosing an electric desk, it’s essential to take into account your specific professional activity in order to select a model that will perfectly meet your needs.

If you work mainly on a computer, opt for a desk that offers enough space for your monitor, keyboard and mouse, as well as additional accessories such as a printer or speakers. Also make sure the desk has cable management solutions to keep your workspace organised.

For creative professionals such as designers or architects, an electric desk with a larger surface area may be needed to display plans, sketches or specific work tools. Look for electric desks with a generous depth and width to meet these needs.

If you frequently use paper documents or perform manual tasks, an electric desk with built-in storage space, such as drawers or shelves, may be ideal for keeping your supplies and documents close at hand.

By adapting your choice of electric desk to your professional activity, you can create an efficient and functional workspace that makes your daily tasks easier. Take the time to assess your specific needs in relation to your activity to find the right electric desk that will improve your productivity and comfort during your working hours.

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The right desk for you : choosing an electric sit-stand desk to suit your personal habits

When choosing an electric desk, it can be useful to take into account your personal habits, including your preferences and even your tendency to be lazy, in order to find a model that suits your working style.

If you tend to be more lazy and avoid manually adjusting the height of the desk, opt for an electric desk with programmable memory features. These desks allow you to store a number of pre-set positions, so you can easily switch between sitting and standing at the touch of a button.

Another aspect to consider is the ease of use of the electric desk. Look for models with a user-friendly interface, an intuitive control panel or even control features via a mobile app, which will make adjusting the height of the desk simpler and more convenient.

What’s more, if you prefer to work while regularly alternating between sitting and standing without having to constantly think about it, an electric desk with built-in posture change reminders can be an excellent choice. These programmable reminders will encourage you to vary your working position on a regular basis.

By taking your personal habits into account, you can choose an electric desk that facilitates your transitions between sitting and standing, encouraging you to maintain a healthy balance while respecting your preference for easy, effortless adjustment.

The final criterion : choosing an electric sit-stand desk to suit your budget

When it comes to choosing an electric desk, your budget plays an important part in the purchasing decision. Fortunately, there are options for different budgets, allowing you to find an electric desk that suits your financial means.

If you have a limited budget, you can opt for affordable but functional electric desks. Look for basic models that offer essential features such as electric height adjustment, adequate stability and solid construction.

If your budget is more flexible, you may want to consider mid- to high-end electric desks. These models often offer additional features such as programmable memory options, greater load capacity and more aesthetically pleasing finishes.

It’s also possible to find top-of-the-range electric desks, with highly advanced features and elegant designs. These models can offer features such as advanced controls, high-quality materials and customisation options.

It’s important to strike a balance between your functionality requirements and your budget. Set a realistic price range and compare the different options available in this range to find a good value electric desk.

By keeping your budget in mind, you can choose an electric desk that meets both your ergonomic and financial needs, giving you a comfortable and productive workspace within your financial means.


In conclusion, choosing the right electric desk is a crucial decision for your comfort, health and productivity at work. Whether you take into account your body shape, your work habits, your professional activity or your budget, there is an electric desk to suit your needs.

Take the time to evaluate these different aspects and look for the features that suit you best. By making an informed choice, you’ll be able to create an ergonomic working environment, encourage healthy postures and maximise your well-being while getting your work done efficiently. Investing in the right electric desk is well worth it to improve your daily experience at work.

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